Bernard de Montreal was a clairvoyant and psychic.  He gave hundreds of lectures to thousands of people during more than 25 years.  We get busy to share with people around the world so they can benefit the future of evolution for the human race.

The lectures were originally in French. We transcribed,translated and at times interpreted them. Click on the title for a link to youtube when available or click on PDF for a written version.  Clic on CC within youtube for accurate subtitles of the A.I. voice.


001 The doubt   PDF

002 Evil   PDF 

003 Guilt    PDF

004 Worries and anxiety   PDF

005 Soul, ego and personnality   PDF

006 The astral plane   PDF

007 The Bermudas triangle   PDF

008 Men in Black   PDF 

009 Invisible race PDF 

010 The spirit  PDF

011 Universal circuits   PDF

027 The esoteric sciences   PDF

043 Solar initiation   PDF 

044 The Jealousy   PDF



Link → Official website on Bernard de Montréal - Edited by Bernard de Montréal's daughter, Christine Boucher (in English and French)


Link on external website (1) : By Bernard de Montréal-Beyond the mind.PDF

Link on external website (2) : By Bernard de Montréal-Beyond the mind.zip

Link on external website (3) : By Bernard de Montréal-Read only or download